Trucking In Land Transportation

Indo Best Transport

INDO BEST TRANSPORT is a brand name for our container truck company under operation of PT. De Besta Trans.. INDO BEST TRANSPORT is dedicated to meet our customers transportation needs on.

Located at the heart of Jakarta terminal port, we have our own garage. Our units equipped with a cutting edge technology such as all truck fleets mounted with GPS tracking system, in-house develop dispatch system and 24/7 security and surveillance

Our team is committed to give our clients the best service experience.


Management and Safety policy

We believe to serve our customers in the best possible way starts by serving our employees, as they are the catalyst of the growth of the company. The focused, talented and hard working staffs and driver always push to meet our customer’s requirements.

We carefully select our truck drivers and equipped them with safety shoes, safety helmet, fire extinguishers and set the truck speed limit.


Inland Transportation Fleets

  • Colt Diesel Truck
  • Shacman truck
  • Mitsubishi truck
  • Wing box Built up
  • Trailer truck
  • Dump truck
  • Forklift

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