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Export and Import processes to foreign countries are complicated and daunting. This complexity rises from the sheer number of policies regulating exports and imports which are different from one country to another. However, Agape can help you in handling these processes. We have the 20-years worth of experience, connections and the official license for transporting goods in and out of Indonesia.

Agape Logistics handles export imports in various countries on five continents in the world: Asia, Europe, America, Australia and Africa. Especially for the USA and Canada, Agape has joint venture with an international scale company, De Well Indonesia in facilitating shipments to the region.

Moreover, Agape has significant connections in many cities throughout China, India and Vietnam. These connections are especially important in the present and near future as these countries are the powerhouses of good productions.

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Export Import FAQ Frequently Asked Question

First, please let us know what goods you want to ship! We need to check beforehand for any restrictions for that commodity. For exporting commodities from Indonesia, you are required to provide your own license or use a 3rd party license. However, for importing commodities into Indonesia, no 3rd party license would be accepted, hence, you would need to provide your own license.

There are two methods of payments that you can use for export/import services:

  1. Prepaid (pay at Port of Loading). We will send an invoice to you after the vessel has sailed.
  2. Collect (pay at destination). We will send an invoice as the vessel arrives at its destination port.

We will send an arrival notice to your consignee and inform him/her on the total fee. Alternatively, if you need extra service from our company or our agent such as customs clearance or cargo delivery, we are happy to provide more assistance!

You would need to bring the original bill of lading, original invoice, original packing list and licenses (if required). We will then exchange these documents for a final Delivery Order before releasing the cargo.

We provide both export and import services to Asia, Europe, the Mediterranean, Africa and the Americas; however, the majority of our shipping traffic are allocated to China, India, Taiwan, USA and a few South Asian countries. For further details about our agents at either destination port or origin port, please contact us.

A full service to/from Indonesia will typically include port of loading charges, shipping charges and local charges at origin and destination such as terminal handling fee, documentation fee, administration fee, sealing fee, trucking fee and customs clearance fee.

You will first need to provide us with the list of your cargo before we can provide packing assistance and arrange a pick up time. Please make sure you only bring “reasonable personal effect” which constitute of privately owned items and not for mass-selling. Other documents such as your passport and other relevant documents indicating your length of stay in that country will also be required.