“I met Ms. Leni, a woman entrepreneur from East Java, at the 28th National Meeting of Indonesian Entrepreneurs Association (IWAPI) in Padang City, West Sumatra, yesterday.

She’s a tenacious woman who started her business from below. Initially, he sold spa products for women using backpacks. After a few years, he exported his product. Tens of thousands of products per container which can be worth USD100 thousand.

Where is the export? “I export to Africa, namely Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana. Also to Korea and the Philippines, sir,” said Mrs. Leni.

Well, that. Ms. Leni has given an example that the name of the export market is not always to America, Europe, Japan. Other markets in Asia Africa are very wide and our products can compete with products from other countries. The price, the quality.

I invite mothers, especially IWAPI entrepreneurs, to be brave enough to direct their products to the export market. Indonesia needs more and more entrepreneurs who are able to open jobs, entrepreneurs who are not only strong in the domestic market but also strong in export markets.

If Ms. Leni can be successful as an entrepreneur with the Import Export business, then you can too. Let’s not be afraid to step. Start with one small step that is meaningful and consistent. That way you will reach the top.